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Страсти вокруг абелевки таки немного разгорелись, но с неожиданной стороны. Вейвлеты никого не колышат, но оказывается вейвлетами также занимается очень важная женщина-математик из Дюка. Дать ей абелевку вроде не могли по правилам -- конфликт интересов --- она была президентом Мат Союза который некоторое время назад имел влияние на создание комитета этой самой абелевки.
Но страсти таки разгорелись. В ЖЖ к Терри Тао пришла другая женщина-математик тоже очень известная и написала гневный камент. Терри перед ней отшаркивает. Вот камент:

if really Daubechies was not eligible this year due to a conflict with the IMU presidency, then assigning a prize that recognizes the very important topic of wavelets could have easily waited until a time when it could have been shared between Mayer (who certainly deserves the recognition for his major contributions) and Daubechies who is after all the most prominent figure in the field. This decision sends a very clear and loud message to the mathematical community that even when a woman is the most visible and prominent figure in a certain field of mathematics and that field is singled out for a major recognition the prize will inevitably go to the next available dude. With all due respect to Mayer, whose work I greatly admire, and whose books I loved to read, and who certainly deserved to be given a prominent recognition, I think the decision to go ahead with a prize in this field at a time when Daubechies would not be eligible casts a very dark shadow on the mathematical community as a whole.

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